Demonstrating a way to learn to juggle. (And have fun)

Terry and Kaye Kimpling are

Presenting the juggle simulator

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by Ken Matsuoka - Developer of the JuggleMaster Java Last modified on 28 Nov 1999.

How to use JuggleMaster Java

Using the program to render one of the pre-programmed patterns is fairly straightforward. Simply scroll down to that pattern and double click it. The pattern will start playing in the view window. You may alter its parameters using the control panel. Note that your control panel changes are applied only when you press the 'Juggle' button.

JuggleMaster Version 1.60 Copyright (C) 1995-1996 Ken Matsuoka JuggleMaster X Version 0.42 Copyright (C) 1996 MASUDA Kazuyoshi
JuggleMaster Java Version 1.03 Copyright (C) 1997-1999 Yuji Konishi, ASANUMA Nobuhiko

JuggleMaster ('original')is the software for DOS by Ken Matsuoka.
JuggleMaster X ('JMX')is a port of the original for X Window System by MASUDA Kazuyoshi.
JuggleMaster Java ('JMJ')is a port to Java based on JMX by Yuji Konishi and ASANUMA Nobuhiko.

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